I am JeriLynne Clifford, the Hill Country Bon Vivant. How did I become a bon vivant? Here’s the story…

I have loved food, entertaining, and the life of a gourmand for as long as I can remember. I catered my first wedding at sixteen for a friend of my mom. I continued to cater throughout my life from part-time when my children were small to full-time once they were all in school.

I realized my love for adventure in food, entertaining, and traveling when I started planning family vacations and events. There is no detail too small that I don't cover in my planning. My friends affectionately call me Julie from The Love Boat aka their cruise director. I have been a concierge for family and friends for over 20 years.

My husband Scot and I were drawn to the Hill Country in 2017 when we visited for the first time. We immediately fell in love. Not long after discovering the wine country in the Hill Country we made plans to do our "pre-retirement" move to Fredericksburg. Scot works at a local wineries in his "bonus" career and enjoys all of the research I need to do for Hill Country Bon Vivant.

I am the proud mother of four grown children who are spread across the country. It warms my heart to say that my children embrace the same love for life and adventure that I brought them up to appreciate.

I am excited to share my passion for cooking, entertaining, and all things hospitality with you via my website, Pinterest, and Instagram.

My Story

My Accolades

My passion for food has led me to fall in love with CSA programs (Community Supported Agriculture) and farmer's markets. At my last two jobs, I have worked with my employer and local farmers to spread knowledge and love for local agriculture. I always love going to famers markets as I feel you get the real pulse of the community while visiting. Read more about my work with a local farm in this article in Purpose magazine and my work with a CSA in this article from the Berkshire Eagle.

I was also part of a competitive picnic league and had so much fun sharing food with friends with the music of the Boston Symphony Orchestra playing at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA. We would have a theme each week and anywhere from 4-10 couples/families would arrive with food and drinks to share. Voting for a winner was all in fun, but we had some wonderful prizes and incredibly memorable experiences. Read more about this unique experience in this article from the Berkshire Eagle.

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Recently, I won 1st place in Fredericksburg Farms' Recipe Contest! It was a fun recipe to make and a delight to win! You can find the recipe by clicking the image below!

or my soup recipe featured in Purpose magazine.