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Sharing your home with family and friends is the best way to show love &
celebrating every day is the only way to live.

JeriLynne is passionate about sharing the best ways for you to elevate your hosting expertise.

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We will share our love of cooking with you by sharing recipes and tips. JeriLynne also teaches cooking classes with a wide array of topics at Fischer and Wieser in Fredericksburg, TX. Interested in holding a personally curated cooking class in your home? Please contact for consultation.

Part of entertaining is setting the tone with your table. Whether it be a sit down meal, a holiday buffet, or with your bookclub friends, JeriLynne will share ideas to make you look like a pro. Southern Living Editor commented that JeriLynne's table styling is beautiful, which made JeriLynne's heart sing.

Table Styling


Not everyone is Martha Stewart - and that is ok! JeriLynne will share ways of entertaining and celebrating and a more approachable way to do so.

A passionate supporter of all things Hill County, JeriLynne shares her love of local wineries, restaurants, shops, and activities.

Champion of TX Hill Country


You will find posts of JeriLynne's travels where she shares the best restaurants, hotels, tips, and activities. She has traveled all over the United States, Canada, Italy and Mexico. Sign up for updates to learn about her upcoming trip to Italy!

Having people in your home is an extension of who you are. JeriLynne shares ideas on how to have a welcoming home and prepare for upcoming guests.


Patricia Shandley Barscz

"Great and interesting food. A must-try for anyone looking to have a great party. Just sit back and let [JeriLynne] do it all for you."

The McGuires

"Had the privilege of doing a cooking celebrate our anniversary. JeriLynne...made our experience so special. Sometimes you get to meet people who you instantly want to call your friends and hang out with. Highly recommend Hill Country Bon Vivant! Eating a delicious dinner while watching a beautiful sunset made our anniversary so special!"

Nancy Fontana

"I’ve worked many parties with JeriLynne, as a matter of fact the first time we got together was at a New Year’s Day party at her home. The Bloody Mary bar alone was so impressive I knew I needed to hang out with her! Since then, she has helped me with lots of parties, [showing me] things like it’s all about presentation, like elevating your food to make more space and add dimension to your table, [how] use things around that house for decorating your table... JeriLynne is so organized and a planner, her parties are always a hit. You can’t go wrong with her!"