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What's Included:

Monthly Themed Menu

Each month will have a theme and I will coordinate a menu in that vein. Now, you can decide that you do not want to throw a party that month. That’s fine! You can use these recipes as a stand alone. When you join you will receive a list of pantry staples that you should have on hand. 

The table styling ideas will be simply that, ideas. Please do not think that you need to go and purchase new things for every party. Resources will be given to you via links if you choose to make some purchases but it is not a must. I like to use a lot of organic and natural materials in my table stylings ie fruit, nuts, pinecones, etc. 

Table Styling

Recipes & Grocery List

Every month you will receive the grocery list built off of that set of recipes. Staples will not be on your grocery list so as long as you maintain your staples, you’ll be able to use that grocery list efficiently.

Ambience makes all the difference in the world when having gas in your home. I like to have candles, lit, and music playing when my guests arrive. The Spotify playlist will be curated to coordinate with that monthly theme. You do not have to have a Spotify membership to enjoy these selections and they are available after that month has ended.

Atmospheric Suggestions


The timeline will be geared towards having the party and serving all of the things suggested on the menu. If you choose not to serve something on the menu, then you simply go through the checklist and cross that off as if it’s already been completed. A timeline is key. It is how I keep myself on task and make sure that I am a happy and relaxed host when my guests arrive. 

The McGuires

"Had the privilege of doing a cooking class...to celebrate our anniversary. JeriLynne...made our experience so special. Sometimes you get to meet people who you instantly want to call your friends and hang out with. Highly recommend Hill Country Bon Vivant! Eating a delicious dinner while watching a beautiful sunset made our anniversary so special!"

Nancy Fontana

"I’ve worked many parties with JeriLynne, as a matter of fact the first time we got together was at a New Year’s Day party at her home. The Bloody Mary bar alone was so impressive I knew I needed to hang out with her! Since then, she has helped me with lots of parties, [showing me] things like it’s all about presentation, like elevating your food to make more space and add dimension to your table, [how] use things around that house for decorating your table... JeriLynne is so organized and a planner, her parties are always a hit. You can’t go wrong with her!"