Going into 2023 with Grace, Grit and Gratitude

  1. Robyn Leigh Gregory says:

    Dear Jeri,
    I so enjoyed your blog post and newsletter!. read it all and was inspired on so many levels! I’ve watched you grow and you are one inspiring and talented lady. You also make me smile and laugh! Your story of how you got to where you are is a fun and interesting one to watch unfold. I also like the word emphasis and goals 2nd;totally can relate to all that! At our age (uh-hmm!) the things you share about yourself and your journey is very relatable, so I believe you will continue to flourish as you share your passions and inspire others. My word last year was balance (still working on it!) and this year it’s ENJOY, COLLABORATE , and since I already have 2, what’s one more? I may have just added INSPIRE as I continue to think about what inspires me! I will say you truly have! Your writing , style, inspo, pursuit of your niche and well executed of it is exciting to watch!

    • JeriLynne Clifford says:

      If you wanted to make me cry you were successful. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the feedback. Enjoy life my friend!

  2. Linda Lawson says:

    Hello… all what I can say, humbly, you are such an inspiration!! Might not run a business but you encourage me to keep learning the art of chop chop n cheers!! Thnk you Thnk you, Linda L🙏

  3. Robyn Gregory says:

    Well I didn’t intend to make you cry but that makes me happy you felt it!
    (again, sorry about all the typos above – ugh!) Glad it didn’t even matter to ya! 💕🤜

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