Let’s Talk Turkey

  1. Lisa says:

    My favorite mashed potatoes!! Had them for the first time at dinner in Paris at L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon!! They were a gorgeous shade of yellow that just melted in your mouth. One of my favorite food memories 😍

  2. Robyn Gregory says:

    Jeri what great tips! Loved it all ! My Mother was a master at preparing for Thanksgiving! She was the perfect southern cook and hostess! For the 2nd year in a row now I will be doing Thanksgiving at my house, so I’m in the process of learning what I want to keep and what new things to add to the meal. I may try your mashed potato recipe and that creamed spinach sounds like a winner too! Thanks for sharing.

    You are a great writer and speaker- I predict great things for your future in 👏this arena! ( I can still hear my Mother say ..” put some ice in the glasses… “ and one of us girls would hop to it ! Lol)

  3. Carolyn Peterson says:

    We have a “Papa’s Dressing” recipe tradition that comes from my maternal grandfather. We’ve had other stuffings/dressings at my in-laws over the years, but even my kids refuse to eat anything other than the Hemmer Stuffing!

  4. LISA H MENDE says:

    I have enjoyed reading your Thanksgiving Menu and am saving some of the recipes for myself.

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